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Katherine Smith

Katherine Smith

CEO and Founder

Katherine Smith began Keys 2 Action in 2014 as a professional coaching, facilitation and consulting firm committed to helping individuals, teams, and organizations identify their strategic goals and put realistic plans in place to reach them.  Katherine brings whole person coaching to busy, successful leaders, helping them identify strengths to build on and to recognize vital opportunities that will help them be even more effective in all areas of their life. She facilitates teams with a combination of visual practices and proven methodologies to draw out creative solutions designed for the real world and consults with organizations on resource alignment to strategic intent and change management.

For 35 years Katherine led the development and implementation of strategic action plans by facilitating cross-organizational collaborations, identifying resource opportunities, and developing talent. She worked up from processing payroll to managing multi-billion dollar budgets. Fortunate enough to work with some truly visionary leaders,Katherine learned strategic planning early and spent most of her career focused on how to successfully implement those plans. As CFO for various offices, Katherine discovered that money alone did not ensure success of a plan and people could make or break any initiative. In addition to leading resource management, she devoted time to organizational development, group facilitation, and coaching both junior and senior officers.  Katherine established Keys 2 Action in response to the growing pressure she was seeing on organizations and people to perform at higher and higher levels with less and less support for the tension that creates.

Katherine is a graduate of George Mason University and the Leadership Coaching Certification Program at Georgetown University.

Leslie Wilfong

Leslie Wilfong

Chief Vision Officer

Leslie Wilfong is a founding member of Keys 2 Action with a passion around organizational design, systems thinking, and storytelling for impact.  As one of the co-creators of the data science element at CIA, Leslie understands the powerful impact well-structured cross functional teams have on meeting organizational mission needs, particularly when dealing with big data issues.  With more than 20 years of strategic visioning and implementation experience, she excels in helping individuals, teams, and organizations understand the context behind the information and developing a complete picture that yields actionable results.

In addition to being a dynamic facilitator able to engage and motivate teams towards a common purpose, Leslie consults on developing data science functionality in organizations and managing big data projects.  She is currently leveraging her expertise in these areas as well as her background as an educator to create a number of workshops that will be available by summer 2017.

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