I’m a beach girl, through and through.  This I know to be a fact.  No matter the season, I’m at home walking with my bare feet in the sand, and it has to be near freezing for me to keep my toes out of the ocean.  In all the places I’ve lived around the world, nowhere has brought me the peace I feel just seeing the water as we drive up to it.  Being there for a sunrise or sunset is my personal nirvana.

The environment has always been important to me and a big part of my beach walking is picking up the bits of plastic that have washed up or been left behind.  I’ve even managed to convince my partner to give up straws this year and we’re both doing much better at carrying our own drink containers everywhere to refill rather than using plastic or stryofoam cups when we’re out.  I love the ocean and I’m working hard to keep it clean.  Does it get any better than that?

Imagine my surprise when I’ve recently begun to miss the mountains, or more specifically, the connection to the earth I feel when I’m in them.  Maybe it’s knowing that it’s Fall somewhere (not where I live – it was in the 80’s today) and that the leaves are turning the burnt oranges, bright reds, and golden yellows.  Maybe it’s because apartment living in the city with a sandy beach nearby isn’t the same as walking a country lane with the crackle of leaves underneath and more stars in the night sky than you can imagine.  Maybe it’s the years since I’ve had my hands in dirt that didn’t come out of a bag and go into a pot, but suddenly the jungle that is our apartment and balcony make sense.

We talk about finding balance a lot these days.  Most of the articles being written now are about balancing family with work, time for self-care with obligations to others, saving with spending, mindfulness with pressures of the day, and staying sane in an insane world.  Even the minimalist tiny house movements talk about balancing stuff with family or travel time.  What I have’t read much about is balancing nature with our every day environment.  I get this may be a “big city” problem, but I wonder…how do you find time and connection with the earth and her beauty?  Me?  I’m planning a trip to West Virginia before the last leaves fall.