Funny thing about change, it’s almost always harder in our imagination than it is in practice.  It’s easier to talk about the things we could or should be doing than to take the steps to actually do them.  There are books and planners and seminars on how to create change in our lives.  There are retreats and meditations and templates that will guide us to our best lives.  The simple truth, though, is that we just need to take that first step…and then the next one and the next.  We need to not listen to the negative voices in our heads telling us that it’s too soon, we aren’t ready, we can’t afford it right now, we need more practice, a better plan, whatever stalling words our inner critic uses to hold us back.  We need to take that initial step…send the email, sign up for the class, get out the canvas….whatever that first step is.  Tonight I began the application process to become a certified professional coach.  What is first step are you going to take?dscn1872